Up until the later part of the 19th century, Highland was not a major centralized settlement, but rather, lay just outside of the cities of San Bernardino and Redlands. In the 1880’s, the area blossomed as the home of the country’s finest oranges. With all of the area’s natural resources, the small township became a popular stop along the newly opened rail line from Los Angeles to Redlands.

Highland rode the growing citrus industry to become a small, closely knit bustling community and experienced its “golden age” that lasted from the 1880’s through the 1930’s.
We have drawn our influences for the branding, signage and marketing collateral, for the Greenspot Village and Marketplace from this fertile period in the development of Highland, California. These include the citrus industry, the first local newspaper, The Highland Citrus Belt, railroad graphics, and early American print advertisements and graphics. We feel, historically, this design captures the essence of this seminal period in the history of Highland.

Orange slice, orange tree and mountain motifs in tile designs. These designs are reflective of the many cultures that have historically founded the City of Highland, including Native American, Spanish and Mexican.